Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing:

We can establish, lead or simply enhance project teams in all project phases.

You will benefit from meaningful requirements, user-centric design, a quality build, efficient testing, and  detailed release planning.

Metrics, Scorecards, and Dashboards:

Measure how your business has been performing, how it could be, and what you might change to align the two.

Let's define, create or fine-tune your business metrics (Key Performance Indicators, Benchmarks).

Data Analysis:

Let's turn your data into information, knowledge, and ultimately insight.

Build influence and confidence with fact-based decisions.

Data Visualization:

Myriad software tools now make it possible to illustrate a theory or tell a story, quickly and easily. We'll show you how.

Proofs Of Concept:

Explore, experiment, and discover what's feasible for your business. We'll navigate through the hype of industry trends before you make a 5- or 6-digit commitment.


Data Quality:

This is a more complex concept than it sounds. It is fundamental to supporting your transactional and reporting system investments. We can identify opportunities.