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Recertified until 2021!

SGM Consulting is an experienced business intelligence and data warehousing consultancy with over 20 years of broad information technology experience. We advocate for data quality as the foundation for comprehensive and intuitive data-related solutions.

Our expertise spans several data management disciplines and leadership of all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle.  

We have been described as having a combination of analytical thinking, creativity and curiosity, while demonstrating an unwavering commitment to quality with unusual accuracy and thoroughness.

Fewer than 300 certified in Canada!

Providing services to private and public sectors, from digital marketing, to sports apparel sales agency, to steel component manufacturing, to post-secondary advocacy ...

  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
  • Metrics, Scorecards, and Dashboards
  • Proofs of Concept
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Quality

Projects include:

  • For a travel insurance and assistance service provider, gathered and documented requirements for vendor-deployed business intelligence solution

  • For a digital marketing service provider, implemented Business Intelligence program, technology, and practices

  • For a steel solution manufacturer, re-architected business intelligence system from 3rd-party to in-house

  • For a post-secondary advocacy organization, designed and built data collection solution, including data repository and reporting

  • For a sports apparel agency, numerous enhancements and automation to sales and commission reporting